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lec7joe - Logan Runway Case Principles from Joe Coughlins...

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Logan Runway Case Principles from Joe Coughlin’s Presentation of last week Environmental values are a primary concern of a minority of voters, if confronted with the dollar cost of environmentally superior outcomes (in the U.S.) When charging “externalities” to those who cause environmental impact, the majority perceives it as a “tax” to provide a benefit (reduced averse impact) for a minority Majoritarian democracy doesn’t easily perform well with such problems.
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Strategies for the impacted minority “How to sail against the wind” • Energy and intensity can allow legislative achievement above and beyond the expected • “Insurance” principle affects to majority. Some day you might be in the impacted minority. Public outreach, books, media • Small jurisdictions, local control, “community control” are institutional means for impacted minorities to be significant politically • Regulatory actions by (environmental) mission oriented agencies • Legal actions seeking court orders, consent decrees etc.
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