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1.258J/11.541J/ESD.226J Public Transportation Service and Operations Planning Spring 2010 Assignment 2 Due: March 18, 2010 Notes: You should work in pairs on this assignment. The data sets you will need are available on the course website . Then there are three files covering MBTA Bus Route 101: Rt101_TBT_WD_Fall05.xls (for analysis) Rt101_TS_WD&SA_Fall05.xls (for information) Rt101_LP_WD&SA_Fall05.xls (for information) As an operations planner at the MBTA, you have primary responsibility for the design of data collection and analysis programs. In the past, data collection has been based on rules of thumb, and has not been heavily influenced by statistical issues. However, periodic major data collection efforts are conducted which provide a comprehensive picture of performance at the individual route level. The task at hand is to design a monitoring program that fully utilizes the MBTA's new automated data sources (AVL, APC, and AFC). This must provide adequate data for ongoing decision-making, and identify any major changes which might have occurred since the last round of data collection. The new AVL system provides virtually complete data on trip running times and on-time
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MIT1_258JS10_assn02 - 1.258J/11.541J/ESD.226J Public...

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