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1.258J/11.541J/ESD.226J Public Transportation Systems Spring 2010 Assignment 4 Out: April 15, 2010 Due: May 7, 2010 SCHEDULING Notes: This is a group assignment for pre-defined groups of 3-4. It is based on a data set for two Somerville bus routes (94 and 96), which is available on the course website. The following data are available for both routes for Fall 2009: APC counts, AVL timepoint records, summarized AVL data for 3 weeks in October, and the CTPS ride checks for both routes. This problem set focuses on scheduling these two MBTA routes, using the available information. Currently the two routes are "interlined" during a portion of the day which the MBTA feels results in a more cost-effective schedule. The challenge is to use the information you have on the routes to develop a new operating plan which meets or exceeds the MBTA Service Policies. The current schedule requires approximately 8-9 peak-period buses and 3 off-peak buses, so you should justify any proposed change in resources used. The existing span of service should be maintained. Your task is to develop weekday-only timetables and a set of driver duties for Routes 94 and 96, satisfying the MBTA Service Policy in terms of passenger crowding and service reliability, and you should attempt to improve the customer "friendliness" of the schedule, where this doesn't result in significant additional cost. These duties must also satisfy the terms of the Carmen’s Union labor contract, summarized in Attachment #1. To accomplish this you will have to do the following
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MIT1_258JS10_assn04 - 1.258J/11.541J/ESD.226J Out: Public...

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