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11.540J/1.252J Urban Transportation Planning – Assignment #1 Gateway Project Assignment 1: Gateways to MIT The purpose of this assignment is to give you a feel for how people, vehicles, and infrastructure interact in a real-life site. We will assign you to teams of roughly five people, and each team will submit one final report on a site around the campus which is a major gateway to and from MIT, and where different transport needs and modes converge. The assignment involves visiting the site and counting passengers, cars, bikes, etc. in each of the gateway’s transportation corridors at different times of day, day of the week, etc. to get a sense for the current and potential travel patterns, capacity, and characteristics of different modes, etc. Once your data has been collected and tabulated, loosely use the “Planning Method” introduced in class to write the final report and answer the questions below. Each person on the team might contribute one or two paragraphs about their observations during peak and off-peak of the particular element they monitor, as well as contribute to the overall report. While the final report should answer all of the questions below, the format and organization of the
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ps1 - 11.540J/1.252J Urban Transportation Planning...

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