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1.252J/11.540J Urban Transportation Planning Assignment #2: Massachusetts Avenue Redesign Due date: 10/6/06, 2:00pm Background For the purpose of this exercise, you are working on the staff of Andrew Gottleib, the head of the Office of Commonwealth Development for the state and Governor Romney’s “czar of land use and transportation” responsible for implementing a new “Smart Growth” agenda. Central Square in Cambridge was re-landscaped several years ago to provide wider sidewalks, better bus shelters, cleaner pavement markings, bicycle lanes, as well as street trees and brick sidewalks. Prior to these improvements, the Central Square section of Mass Avenue looked pretty much like Mass Avenue between Lafayette Square and MIT. At right angles to Mass Avenue, River Street used to join Mass Avenue at an angle in the area, which is now a small park. (The revision of bus routes was required to facilitate the park.) The city has plans to redevelop Lafayette Square (corner of Mass Ave/Main Street/Columbia Street) and redesign the stretch of Mass Ave between Central Square and Memorial Drive, which includes the sections adjacent to MIT. The design plans for Lafayette
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ps2 - 1.252J/11.540J Urban Transportation Planning...

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