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ps4 - Assignment 4 Millennium Database The Millennium...

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Assignment 4: Millennium Database The Millennium Database assignment is an open-ended exercise that requires data mining and interpretation of findings. The database contains transportation related statistics from cities around the world for the year 2000. Develop hypotheses that could explain the current modal shares of Chicago, London and Zurich based on their basic parameters, plus those of any other city such as Paris, Frankfurt, or non-European city such as Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, etc. Remember that raising the right questions can be more challenging than answering them properly. As Fred suggested in class, generate policy recommendations based on your findings, with special attention to energy use. The amount of data available to you is large so we encourage you to work in groups or pairs for data mining and processing, but the final report should be an individual effort. The Mobility in Cities Database can be purchased at this URL: <http://www.uitp.com/publications/index2.cfm?id=5> There are at least two possible methodological approaches to this: compare statistics across many
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