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In the Millennium Database assignment, each of you grappled with the problems of identifying the characteristics that lead to more suitable land use/transportation systems, by comparing characteristics across different metropolitan areas. However, none of you looked at the “longitudinal” or time series opportunity to try to understand how Zurich, London, Hong Kong, or Chicago metropolitan areas have evolved over the past several decades, as population, economic activity, and personal income have grown. We are providing each of you with copies of all of the papers, so you have access to each others’ ideas from the last assignment. The first step of the final assignment is to look at some key indicators to understand how the four cities have changed over the past 20 or 25 years. Second, we want you to provide advice to three different important leaders on how they can contribute to moving the Boston region into a more sustainable growth pattern from both economic and environmental standpoints. The three leaders are: (1) Susan Hockfield, President of MIT (2) Daniel Grabauskas, MBTA General Manager, and (3) Deval Patrick, Governor-elect of Massachusetts. (1) MIT President Susan Hockfield can strongly affect the direction of MIT’s physical development and accessibility for students, faculty, and staff over the next decade. She has publicly committed herself to lead by example in the area of energy, but she has been told that energy consumption by commuting represents only 7% of the energy consumption generated by MIT’s total campus activity. That low estimate does not consider that because of MIT’s urban location in a transit-accessible area, and existing MIT transit incentives, non-auto mode shares are much higher, and auto mode shares much lower than they might otherwise be. In addition, that low estimate does not consider the possibility that the mode choice to access MIT strongly influences the mode choice for other trip purposes by MIT-affiliated personnel. If an MIT employee
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ps5 - FINAL ASSIGNMENT In the Millennium Database...

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