week14 - • Legislative"riders" planning transit...

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Legislation 1916 Federal road, "get the farmer out of the mud" 1930s State constitutions "dedicating" gas taxes 1956 Federal Interstate Highway system 1960s Urban mass transit within HUD planning 1966 USDOT: Section 4f 1969 NEPA 1970, 77, 90 Clean Air Act 1973 Interstate transfer, "flexibility" transit subsidy 1975 M.P.O. 1987 CA/T; demonstration projects 1990 ADA, Clean Air 1991 ISTEA 1997 T-21 2003 ? 1.252/11.380 1
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Congressional Dynamics All politics is local Coalition of similar interests, distributed
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Unformatted text preview: • Legislative "riders" -- planning -- transit -- ITS • Outside the committee -- environment (NEPA, Clean Air Act) -- rail -- aviation -- accessibility • Industrial policy • Legislation is both a reaction to forces in the society and a cause of new directions 1.252/11.380 2 Future Possibilities • Elderly and handicapped • Operation and maintenance • Lower Federal rates • Capital budget • Airport access • Infrastructure reconstruction • Transit investment 1.252/11.380 3...
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week14 - • Legislative"riders" planning transit...

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