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ESD.260 Logistics Systems Fall 2006 Page 1 of 4 This problem set is due on Mon 13 November 2006 at the start of class. Please turn in a hard copy of your answers (only printed – no handwritten solutions, please). One full letter grade will be taken off for each portion of a 12 hour period the problem set is submitted late. Instructions This is a team assignment. Teams can be made up of 3 to 4 class members – each team must consist of students from at least 2 different programs. That is, no team can consist of students from just one program. Also, you cannot work with any classmate who was on your team for Team Assignment #1. I highly recommend that you all work on each problem rather than solely divide and conquer. It will help you on the final exam. Trust me. There are six total problems. Please submit a single Word document that answers each of the problems (and all of their sub questions) clearly, concisely, and completely. The format for the Word document is as follows: Font: Times New Roman, 12 point Margins: 1” Single spaced Make sure team members are listed on the first page Number each page on top right corner If you wish, you may attach a printed out copy of a sampling of your supporting spreadsheet formulas (use the Ctrl-` key to show all formulas). Additionally, you may post your supporting spreadsheet to the class website under the appropriate homework assignment. For all files posted to the website, please use the following naming convention for the file and posting so that we can identify the authors: LastName_FirstName_PS#.xls with each tab named for the specific question. Please make it easy for Tony to understand what you were trying to do. Good luck! Chris
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team2 - Team #2 ESD.260 Logistics Systems Fall 2006 Page 1...

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