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Homework 1 1.264, Fall 2006 Software process Due Tuesday, September 19 1. Case Studies from Lecture Hand in the answers you have prepared to case studies 1 through 4, for lectures 2 and 4. 2. Automated data collection from transit vehicles Your consulting company just received a contract to develop an automated passenger count information system for a transit agency. Counters are being placed on all buses in the fleet and will report data at the end of each day. The agency has retained your company to write the system to display the data in a Web-based system. The selection committee thought your proposal was wonderful, and it additionally wanted to upload the data every evening to the system that also has automated fare data (from smart cards). You had written this proposal months earlier as a stand-alone system without the ability to interface with other systems. The project was 18 months in duration and you feel that you can add the extra features within that time. You meet with your boss the next day, who had participated in the final presentations and question-answer period. She said that she felt she had to promise an interface to the fare system to get the project. She also swallowed hard and said that she’d promised to deliver the automated data collection system, including the interface to the fare system, in 12 months, not 18 as the proposal had indicated. Your boss tells you that this will be a good challenge for you and that she has every confidence that you’ll succeed. If you do, there will be a promotion to upper management for you. And there are probably some inessential features that can be eliminated from the system
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assn1 - Homework1 1.264,Fall2006 Softwareprocess...

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