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Homework 2 1.264, Fall 2006 Requirements narrative, software estimation Due Tuesday, September 26 A. Overview You will write a text description, with sample Web pages, of a simple supply chain system for a chemical manufacturer to take and ship orders to its customers. The key aspects of the system are: 1. The chemical manufacturer has a single warehouse in which all the chemicals in the catalog are stocked. It has the quantity on hand and prices for all the chemicals in the warehouse. 2. There is a set of freight carriers that the manufacturer uses to ship the chemicals to chemical customers. 3. There is a set of customers that buy the chemicals. 4. You will create a mechanism to take orders, which can consist of multiple chemical items. The customers will pay for the orders via credit card or purchase order. 5. You will need to track the remaining inventory in the warehouse. You may not ship an item that you do not have in stock. You must decide how to handle backorders. In this homework you will: 1. Write the requirements narrative (10 pages or so) for the system. (You will make the requirements more precise in homework sets 3 and 4 using UML diagrams and data models.) 2. Estimate the size of the system (lines of code), the person months and schedule months required to complete it. These must be consistent with the time you and your partner have available for this course. B. Requirements narrative Your ten page document will be a description of the Web-based system the chemical manufacturer will use to interact with its customers. Your Web system must contain pages to implement the following processes and information display: 1. Describe the manufacturer: general description of products and services, and a description of the company. These can be described very briefly in 1 or 2 pages, with some sample Web pages. 2. Create new customer. Decide on the process for this: self-service, or set up by manufacturer, or… 3. Customer login to Web site 4. Customer update of its address, contact or other information
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5. Allow customers to browse chemicals available, freight carriers available and emergency response information. You must decide if the customers must be logged in to see this information or not. 6. Allow customers to place an order: a. The customer selects a set of chemical products, and specifies the quantities. b. The customer or the manufacturer can specify the mode and carrier; decide how you wish to do this; you do not have to compute the freight charges. i. The customer must be able to accept delivery via the selected mode (see below). ii. The carrier must be able to carry the ordered chemicals (see below) iii. The carrier must be able to carry the quantity ordered in a single shipment (see below). c.
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assn2 - Homework 2 1.264 Fall 2006 Requirements narrative...

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