assn3 - Homework3 1.264,Fall2006 UMLmodel

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Homework 3 1.264, Fall 2006 UML model for the aircraft engine maintenance service provider Due: Tuesday, October 3, 2006 A. UML models Install Visual Paradigm-Community Edition before starting this part of the homework. The Web site, recitation and office hours provide support for installing it and using it. Based on your requirements narrative from homework 2, create UML diagrams as follows: 1. Use case diagram. Create a diagram for the use cases associated with items B.2 through B.8 from homework 2. a. Draw a set of cases corresponding to each principal item B.2 through B.8. b. Indicate the actors involved. c. Use the ‘includes’ relationship to relate the sub-cases to the principal cases. You should have made some decisions on how to handle these cases in homework 2. If you change your mind, update your homework 2 solution using ‘track changes’ mode in MS Word, but don’t resubmit it on the MIT Server (yet). 2.
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assn3 - Homework3 1.264,Fall2006 UMLmodel

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