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Homework 7 1.264, Fall 2006 XML and Web site continuation Due: Tuesday, November 7 A. Web site Continue building your Web site. Requirements for homework 7 are: Set up and test connections between your Web pages and your database. Use the database from the homework solutions, or your own, as you prefer. See [DW] chapter 20. Use the ASP/VBScript technology in Dreamweaver. The other technologies, though more modern, aren’t as well supported or as stable in Dreamweaver. Build the read-only Web pages to display your product catalog and emergency response information. You do not need to display carrier information or customer information. Follow the basic approach of the tutorial in chapter 21 of [DW]. Use your requirements and design documents to determine the details of your approach. If you need to modify your requirements or design, change those documents (homework solutions). Suggested approach: 1. You should have a blank catalog page from homework 6. Name it catalog.asp or some such, and place your categories on it. 2. You may use haz class as your categories; while a couple of the hazard classes have a lot of products (classes 3, 6.1 and 8), most have around 100. You will need to fill in the haz class names in the table: see homework 2 for the names of each category 1 through 9. Within a category, use a convention such as ‘1.2’ is ‘Explosive 2’. It’s not a lot of work to add a category column to your product table, but it’s not necessary, even if your requirements have a different categorization. You do not need to allow wild card searches or other search functions. 3. About 60 of your chemicals have more than one name. You’ll find it convenient to create a view in SQL Server that joins the chemical product and chemical name tables. Use this view in all your Dreamweaver pages; it will save creating the join several times.
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assn7 - Homework 7 1.264, Fall 2006 XML and Web...

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