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Homework 8 1.264, Fall 2006 Web site continuation Due: Tuesday, November 21 A. Web site continuation Requirements for homework 8 are: Build the order entry Web pages used by your customers to select products and place them in an order. Follow the basic approach of the tutorial in chapter 22 of [DW]. The tutorial adds, edits and deletes products in a table. In your Web site, you will add orders and order detail; the same approach can be used. o You do not need to be able to edit or delete either orders or order detail; even though a real system would allow it. It’s not required for homework 8 even if your requirements state it. Use your requirements and design documents to determine the details of your approach. If you need to modify your requirements or design, change those documents (your homework solutions). After you complete this homework, a user must be able to place an order. For example, he or she can select items from the catalog into an order, or enter items manually into the order, or use another process, as defined in your requirements. B. Details The steps below simplify the development substantially to limit the time you spend on this homework. You may use a different approach if you wish. In the suggested approach below, you modify two existing pages (login.asp and product_details.asp) and create two new pages (orderEntry.asp and orderSummary.asp). This is likely to be the quickest strategy, since you need to write the least number of new pages, and the steps that you must take parallel DW tutorial steps fairly closely. Steps and hints: 1. SQL Server : You’ll need to make a minor change to the ChemicalOrder table using the SQL Server client. Make order number an int, and make it an ‘identity’ column, which will automatically assign the order number and increment it each time a new order is created. The SQL Server client will ask if you want to make the same change in the ChemicalOrderDetail table; answer ‘yes’. 2. SQL Server : Manually enter an order or two and some order details into your database using the SQL Server client. You result sets will contain something when you start, which will help in troubleshooting any initial problems in building your order entry pages.
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3. login.asp : Rename your login.html page to login.asp. Put a recordset with repeating region on this page to display about 10 customers from the customer table. Use the ‘go to detail page’ feature to allow a user to select
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assn8 - Homework 8 1.264, Fall 2006 Web site continuation...

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