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Homework 9 1.264, Fall 2006 Security and Web site completion Due: Thursday, November 30 A. Security case studies 1-4. Hand in case studies 1, 2, 3 and 4 from lectures 16 and 18. Revise them based on the class discussion. Also hand in the discussion of the chemical manufacturer case study below. Two pages or less for each case study. Case study: Chemical manufacturer You have been named the head of information technology for the chemical manufacturer. Though young (you just graduated from MIT), you‟ve had courses in supply chain management, operations management, information technology and related topics, and the senior management feels you are able to do the job well. This case study is very broad and asks you to think about the large-scale issues a company may face. Your answers can be short and you do not need to discuss issues in depth; the focus is to identify the big questions. One of the first activities in which you become involved is the cross-functional security team, with representatives from manufacturing, distribution, procurement, information technology and security. Since you‟re new and can look at the situation with fresh eyes, you‟re asked to review the general approach to security that the company is taking, and suggest areas for review and possible change. There is a security plan at the company, but IT is not in the 10 identified areas of security. Physical security dominates all 10 areas on the list: physical barriers at plants and loading/unloading areas access control for employees and visitors video monitoring of perimeter of plant explosives and firearms detection fire detection and prevention systems hazardous materials security and monitoring air quality monitoring chemical process equipment operation and control inspection of inbound and outbound materials training and emergency response plans You are tasked with assessing the likely threats or attacks, the current state of IT security
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assn9 - Homework 9 1.264 Fall 2006 Security and Web site...

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