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ESD264/1.264 Lecture 16 case studies Fall, 2006 Based on your general experience and on reading chapters 1-4 in Anderson, discuss the two cases below. Short answers: two pages or less per case study. Be prepared to discuss them in class. A. Public transport system with automated fare collection based cash/tokens versus smart cards. Prepare the same discussion of a public transit system as for the bank in Anderson chapter 1, section 1.1. Distinguish between a cash/token based system and a smartcard-based system; the core, risks, public face, and controls are quite different. Answer questions 1-3 separately for a cash-token system and a smartcard system, since they are quite different; you may give a single answer for both options in questions 4-6. 1. What is the core of a transit system’s fare collection system? What are the internal risks at each station, bus, or bus depot (where farebox contents are typically managed)? 2.
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