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ESD264/1.264 Lecture 22 exercise Fall, 2006 Short answers: two pages or less. Your answers can just be a list. Be prepared to discuss them in class 1. Design a system for an intercity rail passenger train to provide Internet access to its passengers and operating crew. Address each challenge; discuss the solution for it briefly: a. Metro areas: frequent physical obstructions, such as underpasses, tall buildings b. Tunnels c. Rural areas: gaps in cellular coverage, trees, hills obstruct line of sight d. Multiple applications: what to do when a user wants to download a 200MB file e. Network changes: train goes through many networks of varying quality at varying speeds f. Reception in passenger cars: metal car bodies affect signal
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Draw a diagram and summarize your design. Use the example below as a guide, but draw your own. Put the train itself on your diagram at several representative locations, and indicate where communications and supporting equipment is placed on the train, as well as the location and type of communications equipment with which it communicates. You may draw one or several diagrams; these are physical diagrams, not UML diagrams. Rural Buildings area Hills, trees Rail line Station Tunnel Underpass...
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