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case24 - connection work Why or why not If there is more...

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ESD264/1.264 Lecture 24 case study Fall, 2006 Communications in a warehouse The warehouse has decided to scan its inventory using moving RFID readers that sweep every bin and shelf in the warehouse every 15 minutes. The readers move on tracks along the shelves and bins. There are approximately 100,000 items of inventory at the warehouse. The sweep takes one minute to complete, so the data is bursty. The data is sent as it is read. a. If each RFID tag transmits 256 bits of information, and if each tag is read four times per sweep (either by different readers or multiple times by the same reader), what is the total bandwidth (bits/second) required to transmit all data from the warehouse to a server at company headquarters, located 3 km away? b. Would a 10Mbps Ethernet LAN connection work? Why or why not? c. Would a 100Mbps Ethernet
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Unformatted text preview: connection work? Why or why not? If there is more than one reason, give all reasons. d. Would a cellular (wireless) GPRS data link operating at 500kbps work? Why or why not? e. Would a 10Mbps Ethernet LAN be sufficient to link all the RFID readers in the warehouse to a communications server in the warehouse, which then sent all traffic over a network link (possibly using a different technology) to the headquarters? f. If there are any unresolved communications issues after answering the questions above, how would you resolve them?...
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