mid2004 - 1.264 Midterm Exam Fall, 2004 Name: _ Exam...

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1.264 Midterm Exam Fall, 2004 Name: ______________________________________ Exam guidelines: 1. 80 minutes are allowed to complete the exam. 2. Open notes, open book. 3. No laptop computers or calculators are allowed. 4. No cell phones or messaging devices are allowed. Please turn off any that you have brought. 5. Short answer questions: Your answers are limited to a maximum of 2-4 sentences or phrases. Two sentences or phrases are completely adequate to answer any of these questions; 4 sentences are not necessary. Demonstrate that you understand the principles and key points. You will receive full credit for an answer if you make the principal observation(s) that the question is asking for. Details are not necessary. 1 of 7
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1. Software process. (33 points) Chris was in charge of version 1 of MIT’s new chemical inventory system, MITCIS. After a serious accident that made page 1 of the newspapers, MIT realized that its system of monitoring and disposing of chemicals had to change. Chris had a general idea of the capabilities necessary from the first meeting of the MIT steering committee for the project. At the end of that first meeting Dave, the head of the committee, asked “Chris, how long is MITCIS going to take?” “I think it will take about 9 months, but that’s just a rough estimate at this point,” Chris said. Dave said, “3 or 4 months is really the maximum time we can risk without the new system. We absolutely must have MITCIS within 6 months, at the absolute worst. You know how serious this problem is, don’t you? Five people nearly died. Can you do it in 6 months?” “I’m not sure,” Chris said, “but I’ll try as hard as I can.” “Treat 6 months as a deadline, then,” Dave said. Chris’
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mid2004 - 1.264 Midterm Exam Fall, 2004 Name: _ Exam...

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