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mid2005 - 1.264 Midterm Exam Fall 2005 Name Exam guidelines...

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1.264 Midterm Exam Fall, 2005 Name: ______________________________________ Exam guidelines: 1. 80 minutes are allowed to complete the exam. 2. Open notes, open book. 3. No laptop computers or calculators are allowed. 4. No cell phones or messaging devices are allowed. Please turn off any that you have brought. 5. Short answer questions: Your answers are limited to a maximum of 2-4 sentences or phrases. Two sentences or phrases are completely adequate to answer any of these questions; 4 sentences are not necessary. Demonstrate that you understand the principles and key points. You will receive full credit for an answer if you make the principal observation(s) that the question is asking for. Details are not necessary.
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1. Software process (33 points) Your management has asked you to write a warehouse management system based on RFID tags and readers for high value electronic equipment. This equipment, such as automated fareboxes, passenger counters, and train control systems, is sold by manufacturers to public transportation operators. There are many models and variations of each item; large numbers of spare items are carried in inventory in your warehouse and shipped overnight to public transit operators when a unit fails. Some inventory owned by the manufacturers is also kept at public transportation operator facilities for rapid replacement of failed units. It is very difficult to keep track of all of this expensive inventory. While all
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