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1.264 Midterm Exam Solutions Fall, 2006 Name: ______________________________________ Exam guidelines: 1. 80 minutes are allowed to complete the exam. 2. Open notes, open book. 3. No laptop computers or calculators are allowed. 4. No cell phones or messaging devices are allowed. Please turn off any that you have brought.
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1. Software process (32 points) You have been hired as a supply chain/manufacturing consultant to create a good manufacturing schedule and to implement a factory management module for a very light jet (VLJ) aircraft manufacturing firm. This software module will put your analysis results in an operational framework to allow the VLJ company to run its plant; your analytical expertise is needed to model the situation and to decide what to optimize, and how. You have chosen the Production Scheduler module from i2, which can: Create manufacturing schedules for your plant Model the constraints (capacity, process and materials) of your plant Send scheduling data to your manufacturing subsystems in the plant (but not receive any data from them) (i2 is a standard vendor of production scheduling software, used by many companies.) The module heuristically minimizes manufacturing (setup, production, labor, and inventory) costs. It thus requires cost inputs from the finance department such as inventory carrying costs, labor budgets and shipping costs. It is driven by a demand forecast generated from the marketing department and executive management, which is used to create a master production schedule for finished assemblies, and component production plans for all the sub-assemblies. VLJ technology is very new; designs for many detailed elements are still evolving; costs are quite variable; and demand is highly uncertain. The executive management of the VLJ company have told you that the plant will be running in 6 months. Period. And that the production scheduling system must be operational for the plant to open. a. What lifecycle model would you choose for the analysis and software implementation of the manufacturing schedule? List at least 5 reasons. (8 points) Spiral model, with two 3-month spirals. First spiral needed to: - Determine requirements: understand inputs (from other systems and groups, not Web pages), understand outputs (what manufacturing subsystems need), understand data model (is needed data available, in what form) - Do analysis:
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mid2006soln - 1.264 Midterm Exam Solutions Fall, 2006 Name:...

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