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1.34 WASTE CONTAINMENT AND SITE REMEDIATION TECHNOLOGY HOMEWORK 1 – DUE FEBRUARY 20, 2004 You may collaborate in working on the homework, but the work you submit should be your own. Questions are by design open-ended: you may need to make assumptions or develop your own approach. Question 1 You are the owner of a former industrial site in the state of Massachusetts. You are planning to sell the property, but have heard you have to check the property’s environmental condition under the state’s “21E” program. You conduct a site investigation and find your property is clean, but the ground water beneath the property is contaminated by a neighbor’s operations. What is your property’s status under the 21E program? Be sure to make appropriate citations to the applicable regulations. Question 2 You are the engineer for farmer Anderson who is planning a residential housing development in his former apple orchard in Massachusetts. Soil samples analyzed for arsenic show the following results:
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