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MIT OpenCourseWare 11.481J / 1.284J / ESD.192J Analyzing and Accounting for Regional Economic Growth Spring 2009 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit: .
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1 Problem Set 3 Karen R. Polenske 11. 481J, 1.284J, ESD.284J LI Weifeng PART A: China Interregional Input-Output Data The Chinese economy has been growing at about 9% or more per year for the past 15 years. One result of this growth has been increased needs for public and private construction around the country. Assume that in the current year, the Ministry of Construction is trying to help meet this demand by investing in various construction projects in both the North and South of China. In this exercise, we arbitrarily divide China into the North and South regions, using the Yangtze River as the dividing line. The North includes all provinces and municipalities located north of the river; whereas the South represents all provinces and municipalities situated south of the river (see Appendix B). You are hired by the ministry to analyze the socioeconomic impacts of the investments on both regions. You are provided with the 2002 statistical account information of both regions (attached as Appendix A), which is the latest available statistical input-output data. These are actual data for 2002. The Ministry officials would like you to construct the tables to help them determine whether such a set of accounts will be useful for their future work and what additional information they would need. [Note: The underlying numbers are actual data from the latest publication by the statistical office. We made some adjustments to the data for the purposes of this exercise, so that they should not be used for other studies.] Your first task is to construct a 2002 accounting table for each of the two regions. 1
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MIT11_481Js09_pset03 - MIT OpenCourseWare http/

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