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Designprojectideas - Design of evapotranspiration landfill...

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1 1.34 WASTE CONTAINMENT AND REMEDIATION TECHNOLOGY IDEAS FOR DESIGN PROJECTS Capture-zone and treatment system design at factory contaminated by organic solvents Strategic analysis of options for property owner accused of on-site contamination Analysis of aquifer test data Ground-water slug test analysis Analysis of site data for low-hydraulic-conductivity site Ground-water contaminant transport predictions Vapor extraction system design for a gas-station site Design of in-situ biodegradation of chlorinated VOCs in shallow ground water Design of in-situ aquifer remediation by ORC design Design of aquifer trench test using ground-water model Site historical research Design of conventional landfill cap Design of evapotranspiration landfill cap
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Unformatted text preview: Design of evapotranspiration landfill cap Quantitative analysis of poplar tree phytoextraction system Cost analysis for in situ solidification/stabilization Design of LNAPL removal system Prediction of multi-component fuel spill plume Development of site investigation plan for VOC contamination site Design of permeable reactive barrier for chlorinated solvent site Design of permeable reactive barrier for hexavalent chromium site Modeling of contaminated soil as source of ground-water contamination Risk assessment for soil contamination in brownfield redevelopment Design of ground-water monitoring system for hazardous waste disposal facility Design or analysis project of your own choosing Design project ideas.doc...
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