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TAKE-HOME FINAL EXAM DUE FRIDAY MAY 7, 2004 AT 9:30 AM This is an open-book exam, but the work should be yours alone. Please do not work with others on this exam. If you have questions, contact the instructor. SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS (5 points each, 45 points total) 1. You have just started investigations at a hazardous waste site and you discover a “drum nest”—a pile of old 55-gallon drums and other debris. A quick check of the pile shows that it remains contaminated with organic chemicals. You cannot remove the drums and debris until you get further into your site cleanup, but you want to cover it for now to prevent rainfall from infiltrating the waste and spreading contaminants to soil and ground water. You may need to keep it covered for as long as a year or two. What type of liner material would you specify for covering the pile? The temporary nature of the cover implies a flexible membrane liner— placing clay directly on the waste could soak up waste and create more waste needing disposal. Because the FML will be exposed, it needs good UV resistance. Because it will be placed over an irregular pile of drums, it needs good flexibility and good shear strength. Finally good chemical resistance is needed. Either CSPE (Hypalon) or LLDPE would be a good choice. 2. Good relations with nearby residents and business are a major challenge for landfill operators. List at least two items that demand special attention for the landfill operator in maintaining good relations. The primary issue is odor control. Control of blowing trash is another. Attention to general aesthetics is another. 3. What are the characteristics of sodium bentonite that make it highly suitable for use in geosynthetic clay liners? What causes it to have those properties? Sodium bentonite swells more and holds more water than other clays. At the microscopic level, the plates tend to be more dispersed than with other clays and the double layer is thicker. 4. Your construction firm is about to start construction on a former manufacturing site. Soils are contaminated with a variety of organic chemicals. Describe the primary pathways by which your construction workers could be exposed to contaminants on the site. 1
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Final2004Solutions - 1.34 WASTE CONTAINMENT AND SITE...

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