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1.34 WASTE CONTAINMENT AND SITE REMEDIATION TECHNOLOGY HOMEWORK 2 – DUE FEBRUARY 27, 2004 Question 1 A cubic meter of unsaturated soil is contaminated by TCE at a residual saturation of 0.2. You can assume the soil porosity is 0.25. Rain water infiltrates at a rate of 500 mm/year (typical for sand and gravel aquifers in Massachusetts). How long will the soil remain contaminated assuming that dissolution into the infiltrating water is the only removal mechanism? Question 2 a) A pool of Tetrachloroethylene (PCE) has formed above a vertical fracture of circular cross section having an average diameter, D, of 2 m m. Water pressure conditions in the fracture and the overlying aquifer are hydrostatic. Estimate the height of the PCE pool, H c that must form above the fracture entrance before DNAPL invasion of the fracture takes place. b) If the fracture were planar in shape, having an average opening of 2 m m, what would the new value of H c be? Question 3
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