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LECTURE 25 Questions to ponder before class: 1. You have been invited to a job interview in Seattle. You have no interest in the job but have never been to Seattle and would like to see it. What do you do? 2. You have accepted a position at a new company that includes a $10,000 relocation package so that you can move your household. You have some reservations about relocating so you commute back and forth from your current home on weekends to the new job during the week for a while. In the meanwhile, the personnel department gives you the $10K in the belief you have moved. After a month, you resign the position. What should you do with the $10K? 3. You have just sampled a waste lagoon at a client’s facility. They told you it was just waste oil. You find out it is 70% cyanide. You send them the results, they pay your bills, and that’s the last you hear from them. You suspect they are doing nothing about their lagoon, which is unfenced and in the open. What should you do? 4.
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