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1.34 WASTE CONTAINMENT AND SITE REMEDIATION TECHNOLOGY TAKE-HOME MID-TERM EXAM DUE FRIDAY APRIL 2, 2004 AT 9:30 AM This is an open-book exam, but the work should be yours alone. Please do not work with others on this exam. SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS (5 points each, 30 points total) 1. Bis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (BEHP) has the following properties: Density – r = 0.985 g/cm 3 Henry’s Law constant – H = 1.1 x 10 5 atm m 3 /mol Octanol/water partition coefficient – log K OW = 5 Soil sorption coefficient – log K OC = 5 Solubility in water – C W = 400 µg/L Vapor pressure – P° = 8 x 10 -11 atm Based on this information, which of the following would you expect to be the most effective remedial option at a site contaminated by BEHP: a. soil-vapor extraction b. excavation and removal of contaminated soil c. ground-water pump and treat 2. A former metals plating shop is to be redeveloped but there is extensive contamination of the soils by heavy metals. Which of the following technologies would you expect to be most effective in remediating the soil contamination at this site: a. soil-vapor extraction b. solidification/stabilization c. bioremediation 3. Assess the likelihood of success of a soil vapor extraction system for a spill of gasoline. The spill occurred several months ago on a site underlain by fine sand. 4. At a site contaminated by TCE, the aquifer deposits consist of medium sand. The water-table gradient is approximately 0.007. A permeable reactive barrier (PRB) of zero-valence iron has been proposed to be
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