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11 - If something goes wrong move west By 1890’s main...

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8/31/11 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition, 1876 o Announced America’s arrival as technological power o Many firms present that would dominate next century o Foreshadowed more industrial and technological progress to come o People present at the PCE Thomas Edison Alexander Graham Bell Telephone George Westinghouse Railroad safety and efficiency Remington Typewriter Goodyear Rubber Boots later Tires Women at the expo: should be seen, not heard o Anthony Stanton, “Women’s Declaration of Independence” Made news, but not front page news o Indicative of obstacles ahead to women’s right to vote etc. Bad news from the West Custer’s last stand o Indians won battle, lost war o Symptomatic of US treatment of Indians o Wild West image distracts from urban, industrial realities Safety valve theory of the wild west
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Unformatted text preview: If something goes wrong, move west By 1890’s, main source of agricultural protest • More of a problem than the solution • 1877 RR STRIKE, greatest in 19 th Century (pg. 495) 3 rd 10 percent wage cut 2/3 of railroads shut down by strikes 80,000 railroad workers involved Pittsburgh militiamen fired into a crowd killing 20 people setting things off even more o Conflict follows classic pattern often repeated in late 19 th Century o Government role: indifferent or hostile to labor • Race Relations: Frederic Douglass present but marginalized, 1876 o Symptomatic of ambiguous, declining position of blacks o More evident in disputed Pres, Election, fall 1876 Dispute not figured out until march of ‘77 • Compromise of 1877 o More later, read chap. 15 for next time...
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