11 - o Background Company town worker’s paradise o Strike...

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9/16/11 Haymarket Affair (Major Miscarriage of Justice) o Background in 8 Hour Day movement o Peaceful meeting broken up by police led to bomb throwing o Alleged conspiracy, holes in prosecution o Trial and Sentence Albert Parsons Radical Republican Newspaper Writer Lucy Parsons Married Albert which was considered committing a crime Samuel Fielden 6 Other Germans o Execution and Aftermath 5 Sentenced to death Hanged Nov. 11 th despite international outcry 1 Life imprisonment 1 15 years imprisonment Pullman Strike
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Unformatted text preview: o Background: Company town, worker’s paradise? o Strike triggers: wage cuts, refusal to negotiate, firing organizers o Debs role: attempts at moderation, in vain Imprisoned o From Pullman Strike to RR strike o Atty. Gen. Richard Olney RR lawyer, federal troops sent o Consequences, violence, union loses, Debs imprisoned • Homestead Strike o Carnegie Labor Principles o Frick’s hardline approach o Pinkerton lockout foiled o State militia sent, workers ready to concede o Frick unyielding, unrelated assassination attempt...
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