11 - o Won all of the Populated States o First President...

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9/26/11 Farmers Alliance, Co-op movement from 1880’s Subtreasury Plan Third Party, Populist Movement Wizard of OZ, Populist World View o Dorothy- everybody o Kansas- normality o Scarecrow- farmers o Tin man- impressed industrial worker o Lion- Want-to-be president William Bryan o Emerald City- D.C. o OZ- ounce of silver 16oz of silver to 1 oz of gold o Wizard- President Cleveland or President in General 1896 Election, Democratic-Populist Fusion (failed) Populist third party running well o 22 electoral votes Democrats nominated a populist type leader leaving two options o Vote another populist leader along side and risk losing party id o Vote a democratic alongside and risk splitting vote Populist Problem in the South o Anti-establishment movement o Establishment in the South is Democratic Republican Populist Fusion in the South Bryan (P) president and jjWatson (D) vice president o Unprecedented step of campaigning in person McKinley (R) 10-1 Advantage in Campaign Funds o Didn’t campaign except from his front porch
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Unformatted text preview: o Won all of the Populated States o First President since Grant to win over 50% of the Popular vote o Over 60% of Electoral votes • Stalemate Era Over Reasons for Bryan’s Loss • Farmer-Labor Interests o Movement didn’t happen in the northeast because it would just raise the price of goods without any profit for the urban laborers • Democrats in Office during Economical Crash o Republican Favored in McKinley vs. Bryan • Ethnocultural Factors o Bryan crusading against modernism and secularism Prototypical Piest/Preacher • Republican-ish o Republicans becoming pragmatic More focused on the economy o What did Bryan have going against him? Supporter of Prohibition • Offered grape juice other than wine in the White House o Scared of German Voters and Some Catholics Big Cities go Republican • 12 of 82 big cities vote Democratic o Most in the South which went unaffected...
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11 - o Won all of the Populated States o First President...

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