11 - clause(4 southern states understanding clause good...

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9/28/11 How Realistic Was Populist Program? Gold vs. Silver/Bimetallism o Increased money supply through Gold not thru Silver like the Populist had intended Direct Democracy o Senators elected by State Legislators until Progressive Era o Income Tax enacted o Initiative and Referendum Agricultural, Economic Programs o Nationalization of Railroads and Telegrams o Sub Treasury Plan Major portion of the New Deal agricultural reform Populism was not nearly as crazy as their enemies made then out to be Aftermath of Populist Movement One Consequence of Populist Movement o Disfranchisement of Black Voters Southern States put an end to black voting Intimidation or false counting of votes Came from richer portion of southern states Poll Tax (11 southern states) – must pay to vote Literacy Test (7 southern states) o Exemptions – property holding, the grandfather
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Unformatted text preview: clause (4 southern states), understanding clause, good character provisions Less worse segregationist than the South • Anti Lynching Plan • Strange Career of Jim Crow (shorter than realized) o Segregation didn’t start until end of 19 th Century • A Texas Example o Brimes County (Navasota) Population 50+% Black White Mans Union • Jim Canard Shot to Death • Jack Hayes Killed by Shotgun • Sherriff Shot Not Killed • Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) o Separate but Equal o Segregated Cars on a Train in LA o 8-1 Decision Low Point for Blacks, Turning Point in Leadership • Booker T. Washington, Tuskegee (gradualism) o Fredrick Douglas Dies in 1895 Leading to B.T.W. o Didn’t challenge the system head on • W.E.B DuBois, NAACP (protest) o Challenged BTW’s Gradualism o Harvard Graduate...
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11 - clause(4 southern states understanding clause good...

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