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Immigration, Late 19 th Century Relative Magnitude o Stayed about the same (10.4% of total population in 2000) Foreign Stock o Down 10% over the last Century Regional Patterns o 1871-1880 Ireland, England, Germany Irish- 90% Catholic German- Mixed bag 40% Catholic and Protestant o 1901-1910 Russia, Hungary, Italy Hungary and Italy o Very small % protestant o Overwhelmingly Catholic Russia o Russian Jews made up 50+% of immigrants o Poles and Germans also
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Unformatted text preview: • Economic Patterns o Immigrants avoided the South More opportunity in the North, Job security through industry Didn’t want to compete with slave labor • Cultural Institutions o Foreign Language Press o Language and Education Bilingual Education • Half the day in German Half in English o Keeps immigrants happy, political leverage • Books in both languages • Nativism and Politics...
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