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11 - o Became president under unusual circumstances TR •...

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10/12/11 State Level Reform Movements: Why and Where Midwest and West, most radical democratic o La Follette, Wisconsin idea Governor of WI US Senate Pushed for direct primary Way to defeat businesses Limits campaign spending Ended free railroad passes for members of the legislator Australian Ballot “secret ballot” Direct Democracy – initiative, recall and referendum Initiative - citizens have influence in laws being passed Recall – decide to have another election (do-over’s) South: “for middle-class whites only” Northeast generally conservative o Exceptions: Woodrow Wilson Machines and Working-Class Reforms Progressive Offshoots: Women Suffrage, Prohibition (1915) o WWI ruined the beer industry in the early 20 th century Progressive Presidency: Theordore Roosevelt to Woodrow Wilson o Beginning of personal campaign o Upperclass backgrounds o Ivy League graduates
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Unformatted text preview: o Became president under unusual circumstances TR • Loose understanding of Constitution • Energetic • Visited Panama Canal • Harvard (boxing and wrestling team) • Outdoors man WW • 1 st president to address Congress in person since Thomas Jefferson • Went to Europe for the Peace Conference • Princeton and later president • John’s Hopkins PhD (one of few presidents with doctorate) • New Style & Substance o Presidency as Pulpit o Activist Role o Background Similarities ^^^^^ See above ^^^^^ o Parallels: Antitrust, Regulatory Policies o Parallels: Labor Policies o Contrasts: Policies on Race o Semi-Contrast: Conservation o (Foreign Policy: later) • Taft: Progressive Continuity or Conservative Throwback? o Style 300 lb weakling, golf vs. boxing o Substance Trust busting Pinchot-Ballinger Affair...
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