11 - • Prohibition • Revival of KKK • Scopes...

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10/17/11 Us Rise to World Power Shift in Colonial attitudes Spanish American War turning point Indicator and participator of change Wartime acquisitions Post war non-colonial imperialism Panama canal Other Caribbean intervention Woodrow Wilson, rhetoric and reality US Colonialism and Imperialism in International perspective 10/19/11 WWI Precipitating Events American Response Neutrality Rights Issues Unrestricted Sub Warfare and US War Entry US Role in War Domestic Repercussions Suppression of Dissent Exacerbation of ethnic tensions 10/24/11 SCHIZOPHRENIC 1920’s Good News: Economics Automobile as leading sector o Ford’s Innovations o GM’s Catchup Consumer Market(ing) Culture: “New woman” changing sex roles Rural to Urban shift Bad News: Political, Cultural, Urban-Rural Conflict Wartime intolerance, postwar hangovers o Wartime Free speech issues “Red Scare” Labor conflicts, anti-labor govt. Anti-immigrant sentiments, restriction
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Unformatted text preview: • Prohibition • Revival of KKK • Scopes “Monkey Trial” 10/26/11 Absent 10/28/11 • Hoover’s Depression Policies • FDR and Election of 1932 • New Deal, Hundred Days o Relief o Reform o Recovery • New Deal Coalition o Farmers o Labor Sit down Strikes CIO 2.5 million by 1941 o Blacks 2/3 support democrats by (2/3) Harold Ikes – Former head of Chicago NAACP Urban North Blacks benefit more than Rural South (Conservative) Race relations in the south remain virtually unchanged • Waning of the New Deal o Roosevelt’s Court packing plan o Persistent unemployment • Evaluation of the New Deal o Radical aspects: change in size and role of Federal Gov’t. o Moderate aspects: saving capitalist system from own excesses o Conservative aspects: southern race relations largely unchanged...
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11 - • Prohibition • Revival of KKK • Scopes...

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