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Wilson and Peace Settlement Versailles Peace Conference, Wilson’s 14 Points o Political Realities, Senate Ratification o Diplomatic Realities, European Expectations How well were 14 points adhered to? Ratification Fight in US Senate o Irreconcilables o Wilsonian Democrats Long Term Implications 14 Points Abolition of secret treaties Freedom of the seas Free Trade Disarmament Adjustment of colonial claims (decolonization and national self-determination) Russia to be assured independent development and international withdrawal from occupied Russian territory Restoration of Belgium to antebellum national status Alsace-Lorraine returned to France from Germany
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Unformatted text preview: • Italian borders redrawn on lines of nationality • Autonomous development of Austria Hungary as nation, as the Austro-Hungarian Empire dissolved • Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, and other Balkan states to be granted integrity, have their territories de-occupied and Serbia to be given access to the Adriatic Sea • Sovereignty for the Turkish people of the Ottoman Empire as the Empire dissolved, autonomous development for other nationalities within the former Empire • Establishment of an independent Poland with access to the sea • General association of the nations …...
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