11 - • Parties Still Play a Role Because… o Simplify...

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2/7/11 Chapter 5 Political Parties o More people registered as Democrats o Dealignment Independent More people leaving the democrats than republicans (currently) o Develop and clarify policy alternatives o Educate people on the Issues o Recruit people to be public officials o Organize and Develop Political Campaigns o Hold politicians accountable o Organize the Legislators Problems with Responsible Political Parties System o Don’t look at actual parties policies when voting o No way to make sure they keep to their word (held accountable) o Parties do not offer clear policy alternatives Campaigns o Shift from Political Issues to Individual Rise of Primary Election Decline in Party Identification Media Decline of Patronage Benefits for voting a certain way Rise of single issue Interest Groups PAC’s (political action committee) 527’s o Unlimited amount of money o Can’t favor any particular party
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Unformatted text preview: • Parties Still Play a Role Because… o Simplify Voting (narrow ideals down) Blue or Red o Affect Voter Choice o Guiding and Shaping the Image of Voters o Organize the Legislator • Political Primaries o Anyone can file to be a candidate Certain amount of votes Small Fee o Political Endorsements Organizations or People who donate in support of campaign • Types of Primaries (Varies by State) o Open Anyone can vote for a candidate o Closed Independents can’t vote • Organizations of State Parties o Activists Ideologues • Hardcore believers Serve a Role as Future Candidates o County Committee (How to Campaign/Win) • Chair Person • Executive Committee Divide County up into responsibilities o Elected Public Officials o Financial Contributors...
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11 - • Parties Still Play a Role Because… o Simplify...

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