11 - Majority Leader Make sure people vote in your favor...

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2/16/2011 What State Legislators Do Pass Bills (10-12/session) o Policy Change o Fight for a “lost cause” Look at Constitutional Amendments Approving a Budget Serve Constituents Oversee Agencies Background of State Legislators Middle Class 3/4 th College Educated Professional Backgrounds o Lawyers o Business Owners o Informers Average 53 yrs old 23% Women 8% Black 3% Latino How To Get Elected 50% of people running are unopposed in the Primary 33% are unopposed in General Election o If you have the money and presence of mind you can easily become a elected official Incumbents win 90% of the time o Once you get in you typically stay in until you retire Turnover Rates o Term Limits 34-37% turnover rates per session o No Term Limits 25% turnover rate per session
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Unformatted text preview: Majority Leader Make sure people vote in your favor Minority Leader Organize a constructive opposition Frame Work Ex: Anti-Federalist vs Federalist Federalist Win Ex: Pro-life vs Pro-choice (not anti-life) Positive views from others Representation Malapportionate (illegal) o Evenly divided representation Gerrymandering (somewhat illegal but not really) o Drawing political districts so that you have a political advantage Why Lobbying is easier in State o State Districts are smaller than National districts o More Accessible (closer to home) o Not as many hoops with regard to the elected officials staff o Campaign contributions are not as important at a lower level o...
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11 - Majority Leader Make sure people vote in your favor...

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