11 - before the next general election Other Important...

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2/28/11 Governor o Chief Administrator o Chief Legislator o Chief Negotiator o Crisis Manager o Set Agenda Spending Demographics o About 47 years old o Male o White o Wealthy o 14% don’t have previous political experience General Powers o Veto (one of the most powerful tools) Line Item Veto Take out or add certain things Strong Governor State o Governor elects his officials o Governor can be elected over and over Weak Governor State (TEXAS) o Governor doesn’t elect his own officials o Governor is not elected multiple times Rick Perry is the longest serving Governor of Texas Always Strong Competition When Running For Governor o More money Involved Forms of Removing people From Office o Impeachment Crime or Violation of Duties o Recalls Certain number of citizens sign a petition to call for a recall vote, no crime or violation necessary, hold another election
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Unformatted text preview: before the next general election Other Important Officials o Lieutenant Governor Replacement Governor if Governor Fails Residing Officer of Senate Usually seen as a stepping stone to Governor o Attorney General Interpret Laws of State Set Agenda for Criminal Justice System Dont have power to change law But have the power to emphasize what crimes they want to manage Supervise Criminal Justice System o Treasurer Manage Money Pay Bills o Auditors Make sure State Dept and Organizations are only spending money on legal things. o Controller Make sure money is being spent legally Make sure dept. and org. arent spending outside of limitations...
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11 - before the next general election Other Important...

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