11 - Assess Value of Property o Treasurer Finances o Clerk...

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3/21/11 Chapter 10 Purpose of Gov’t in Local Communities o Provide Goods and Services Water, Energy, Police, Fire o Manage Conflict/Foster Communication More conflict in urban areas Rural is more homogeneous Urban more diverse Why Should We Be Involved o We need to know how the system works so we can hold the right people accountable Gov’t Breakdown o County Functions pertaining to our lives Birth certificate, Divorce, Marriage, Property Record, Law enforcement o City Similar Responsibility Courts and Policing are done at City Level o School Elementary Secondary Community o Special Districts Ex: 3 poor small towns with one fire and police dept to service all of the towns Types of Officials at County Level o Commissioners Governing Body over a County o Sherriff Criminal Justice Issues o Coroner Responsible for Medical Records o Tax Collector Collects Taxes o Tax Assessors
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Unformatted text preview: Assess Value of Property o Treasurer Finances o Clerk Keeps All Records o Auditor All Money is Spent Legally Different Types of Governments o Commission Government Body of People who make all decisions o Council Manager System City Council Make Political Decisions Hire City Manager o Carries out Decisions o Strong Mayoral System Big Cities Very Powerful Sets Agenda o Weak Mayoral System Smaller Towns Not as much power with mayor Mayor more ceremonial Different types of Charters within a City o General Charter Rules for how a City Functions Normal City Standard Template o Special Charter Different Rules Ex: Native American Casinos Gambling Age o Home Rule Charter City has power over any area that the State has not specified...
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11 - Assess Value of Property o Treasurer Finances o Clerk...

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