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3/23/11 Local Party Characteristics o Non-partisan (make it less popular) Don’t run as republican or democrat Run as an individual o Zero Sum Politics If one group gains the other group loses No party so we look at race Not actually the case necessarily o Hot Button Issues (more prominent at local levels, bring people out to vote) Immigration, Abortion, Gay rights etc Not very complex issues o Political Machine (has changed since then to professionalization) 50 years ago Party wins, gives all supporters the jobs Professionalization Factors o Non-partisan o At large district People can be elected from the entire city o Having a Strong Executive o Home Rule o Merit System Who is involved in Local Politics/Types of Organizations
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Unformatted text preview: o Civic Associations Promote general welfare to make the city look good o Tax Payer Groups Promote more or less taxes for the improvement of the city o Churches Provide services, organization o Neighborhood Associations o Environmental Associations • Who Solves Problems o 58% of citizens believe that local police dept are crucial to solving problems at a local level o 56% believe that churches play a major role in helping solve a local problem o 53% believe salvation army type associations play major role o 50% citizens play a major role o 43% local gov’t plays a major role...
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