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4/13/11 Justification for Affirmative Action o African Americans 64% of income of Whites 22% below poverty line 7% of whites below poverty line o Latinos In the US 64% of Latinos are from Mexico 11% from Puerto Rico 5% from Cuba 20% from other Central American countries Higher rates of Poverty Compared to whites Lower rates of High School and College Graduation rates Compared to Whites Socially Conservative Economically Liberal
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Unformatted text preview: Cubans • More Educated • More Wealthy • More organized o Native Americans 60-70 Million originally • 90% of that population is gone US engaged in war • 1864-1890 • Most famous battle o Battle of Wounded Knee 2.4 Million People Now • Less than 1% of the entire population • Issues with Public Policy o Why do these disparities exist? What policies should be enacted to prevent this?...
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