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11 - Today • Every dollar a man makes a woman makes 76...

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4/18/11 Chapter 15 Gender Equalities o Civil Rights Act of 1964 Title 7 Prevent sexual discrimination in hiring and promotions and pay Issue o There are many jobs that are considered “men’s jobs” o Limitations to women’s ability to do a job o Title 9 of the Federal Education Act of 1972 Education discrimination Equal funding in all academic areas, housing, athletics, etc. Athletics Don’t have to have the same sports but equal amount of money in both women and men’s sports If there isn’t equality federal funding is cut off o Equal Pay Act of 1963 (Earning Gap) Before Every dollar a man made a woman made 59 cents
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Unformatted text preview: Today • Every dollar a man makes a woman makes 76 cents o Comparable Work Not doing the same job but it has the same benefit to the company = equal pay • Hasn’t been adopted as policy but is an idea to diminish the gap between men and women o Abortion The guarantee to liberty allows a woman to have an abortion First 3 months of pregnancy the state cannot restrict an abortion Last 3 months the state can restrict an abortion States don’t have to fund abortions that are not done in an attempt to save a woman’s life Women get full rights (like men) in law in 1971...
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