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Review for Test - Review o Dont need to do Chapter 12...

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3/28/11 Review o Don’t need to do Chapter 12 Chapter 7 o Roles of Governors Section List of things Governors do o Chief Administrator o Chief Legislator o Chief Negotiator o Crisis Manager o Set Agenda Spending o Difference between weak and strong governor o Strong Governor State Governor elects his officials Governor can be elected over and over o Weak Governor State (TEXAS) Governor doesn’t elect his own officials Governor is not elected multiple times Rick Perry is the longest serving Governor of Texas A lot has to do with veto powers (hint) o The Impeachment Process Crime or Violation of Duties How it works in the majority of states o The Recall Process Certain number of citizens sign a petition to call for a recall vote, no crime or violation necessary, hold another election before the next general election Chapter 8 o Sources of Beaurocratic Power and Definitions of each o Implementation, Regulation, Adjudication, Discretion o
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  • Spring '07
  • Peterson
  • Bankruptcy in the United States, Government occupations, Local government in the United States, Recall election, Council Manager System

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