11 - 10/10/11 Replication o Repeating an experiment to see...

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10/10/11 Replication o Repeating an experiment to see if the results will be the same Direct – identical experiment is replicated Systematic – alternative test of the same theory Sometimes called a conceptual replication Reduce Bias o Reduce Experimenter Bias/Demand Characteristics Standardizing participant-experimenter interactions Double-blind procedures Automation If possible have instructions on a computer or printed out Use more than one experimenter o Effect strongest when the it is related to the experimental task or focal variable Specific Control Strategies for Between Subjects Designs o Random assignment to groups – unbiased assignment process that gives each participant an equal and independent chance of being placed in every group Rules out plausible alternative interpretations due to chance; enhancing internal validity Controls for both known and unknown effects Typically number all subjects and then use random number tables – best way to do this o Matching Control procedure to ensure that experimental and control groups are equated on one or more variables before the experiment Can be used of instead of random assignment or before random assignment o Requirements for Matching Matching variable and DV are significantly correlated Feasible to pretest on the matching variable o Disadvantages to Matching Requires access to participants/info before you start Time consuming May end up wasting a lot of participants Specific Control Strategies for Within Subjects Designs o Subjects as Own Control – each participant experiences every condition including a control condition Rules out individual differences 3 Conditions required Logically possible Will not destroy the naïveté of the participant
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Sequence effects not present or controllable (Primarily) Within-subject Designs
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11 - 10/10/11 Replication o Repeating an experiment to see...

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