11 - Issues: adverse impact One group is hurt because of...

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9/21/11 Selection and Placement Agenda o Job-related characteristics (KSAO’s) o Assessment methods o Technological application Psychological Test o Standardized series of problems or questions that assess a particular individual characteristic Examples: IQ test, SAT, ACT, etc. o Each question is relatively short so many items can be used to measure construct Reliability (consistency) and validity (measure what its supposed to) Characteristics of Psychological Tests o 4 distinguishing characteristics: Group vs. individual administration Close-ended vs. open-ended Paper-and-pencil vs. performance Power vs. speed Power – unlimited time Speed – timed test, not going to finish the test most likely Ability Test (dealing more with potential) o Cognitive Ability IQ One of best predictors of performance across jobs
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Unformatted text preview: Issues: adverse impact One group is hurt because of their ethnic background. Unknown as to why o Psychomotor ability Coordination between senses and movement Accuracy of movement Knowledge and Skills Tests (What ability/knowledge do you have right now) o Achievement tests o Distinction is that achievement tests place more emphasis on prior knowledge and skills in performing a task (often the product of several abilities o Knowledge what does the person know o Ability what can the person do Personality Tests o Tests assess individual traits No such thing as an overall personality Profile or type o Big 5 Extroversion Agreeableness Conscientiousness Emotional stability Openness to experience...
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11 - Issues: adverse impact One group is hurt because of...

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