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9/23/11 Check Slides Online Personality tests access individual traits no such thing as overall personality profile or type Big 5 Extraversion - Agreeableness – wishes for cohesive pleasant Conscientiousness – thoughtful, disciplined Best predictor of future performance/behavior Openness to experience – neuroticism Emotional Stability Emotional intelligence Stress to portray emotions you don’t feel Emotions in oneself and others EI assessments: Two Types Traits Test and Info Processing MC Q’s right or wrong Cognitive vs. Personality Which is it? Counterproductive work behavior Integrity Test – Prediction of CWB’s or dishonest behavior Overt Do you behave this way? Personality Access personality characteristics that predict this behavior
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Unformatted text preview: Vocational Interest tests – match interests or personality to variety of different occupations and occupational categories Assessed by asking test takers to indicate preferences for engaging in various activities Based on reasoning that specific traits drive peoples interests Drug Testing Important in safety-sensitive jobs Controversial assessment method Biographical Information Easiest way to get information is to ask! Basic background info: application Ex: Biographical inventory – not very common Asks about specific experiences at work/school/life Empirical (predictive information) Rational (job analysis)...
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