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11 - Turnover • Emotions at Work o Emotional labor...

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10/24/11 Organizational Commitment Attachment to the organization 3 components o Acceptance of the organization’s goals o Willing to work hard o Desire to stay with the organization Attitudinal vs. Behavioral 3 types o Affective – emotional commitment (most researched type) Job satisfaction (+) Job performance (+) Turnover (-) o Continuance – need for what they provide you (money or benefits) Job performance (-) Turnover (-) o Normative – its what you should do (guilted into staying)
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Unformatted text preview: Turnover (-) • Emotions at Work o Emotional labor Emotional and physical consequences 3 elements to determining whether emotional labor leads to positive or negative results • Does person actually experiences the emotion being displayed? (Emotional dissonance) • Does person have control in situation? (autonomy) • Are there rewards for emotional labor? o Individual difference of emotional labor skill has influence as well...
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