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10/24/11 Organizational Commitment Attachment to the organization 3 components o Acceptance of the organization’s goals o Willing to work hard o Desire to stay with the organization Attitudinal vs. Behavioral 3 types o Affective – emotional commitment (most researched type) Job satisfaction (+) Job performance (+) Turnover (-) o Continuance – need for what they provide you (money or benefits) Job performance (-) Turnover (-) o Normative – its what you should do (guilted into staying)
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Unformatted text preview: Turnover (-) Emotions at Work o Emotional labor Emotional and physical consequences 3 elements to determining whether emotional labor leads to positive or negative results Does person actually experiences the emotion being displayed? (Emotional dissonance) Does person have control in situation? (autonomy) Are there rewards for emotional labor? o Individual difference of emotional labor skill has influence as well...
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