11 - Have to drop kids off at school o Turnover Curvilinear...

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10/28/11 In the news… o Homicide is the 4 th leading cause of fatal occupational injury in the U.S. o In 2009, there were 521 workplace homicides o The average retail employee is more likely to be shot fatally by co-worker than a construction worker is to fall to his death, or be killed by operating heavy equipment Withdrawal Behaviors o Absence Employees not showing up for work when scheduled Caused? Previous experience with absences Organizational policies on absences Complications: Legit excuse for missing work Stress of work could cause sickness Illness Other Other viewpoints look at… Absence policies Absence culture o Lateness Attitudes about lateness > general job attitude Other causes o Work-life conflicts
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Unformatted text preview: Have to drop kids off at school o Turnover Curvilinear relationship to performance ( ∩ ) Job satisfaction (U) • Turnover increases for both at beginning • Then dissatisfied increase in quitting • Eventually equal out • CWB’s o Behaviors intended to harm the organization and other people at work Sabotage (work and equipment) Theft Aggression Withholding effort o Constraints Feelings of Frustration Destructive (low control) or Constructive (high control) • Measurement o Self report o Other report Supervisor Co-worker o Objective Employee records • Questions o How should CWB’s be measured? Self Reports o Does customer behavior fall under the CWB umbrella?...
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11 - Have to drop kids off at school o Turnover Curvilinear...

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