EEB100S09EcolAKEY - EEB 100 Spring 09 Name ID_KEY Dont open...

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EEB 100 Spring 09 KEY _______ Page 1 of 7 • Don’t open your exam until instructed to. • Write your name and student number on every page of the test before handing in the test (you will lose 10 points if you don’t!). • Answer written questions in space provided. Do not write on the back. Only answers on the front side of pages will be graded. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you must cross something out and run out of room to answer the question in the space provided, you must request another blank exam page. Turn off all electronic devices and put them away. They are not to be out on desks If you need to use the restroom, turn in your exam to a TA. Only one student may leave the room at a time. You may not leave the room with any electronic devices. Turn in your notes page with your exam. • Good luck! I hereby certify that I have neither given nor received any aid on this exam, and that I have read and understand the instructions above. Sign your name here:_____________________________________
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EEB 100 Spring 09 KEY _______ Page 2 of 7 PUT YOUR NAME ON EVERY PAGE OF THE EXAM BEFORE STARTING. Exam is 300 pts total 1. You are asked to assess the stability of a system consisting of a hawk predator and its kangaroo rat prey. Of the following, answer whether it will increase the stability of the interaction (I), decrease is (D), or have no effect (N) (6 pts each). I D N In addition to available prey, hawks are limited by the number of nesting sites available I D N During certain times of year, the nutritional value of the kangaroo rats decreases. I D N The kangaroo rats use burrows as a refuge from predation, at low population sizes, all rats have a refuge. I D N Below a certain population size, the kangaroo rats cannot find mates and their reproductive rates fall drastically. 2. For each of the following, list the type of competition described (7 pts each). a. A ground squirrel that emerges from hibernation to eat seeds before birds arrive from their wintering grounds. Pre-emptive b. A wolf pack attacks coyotes that come onto their territory Interference c. Mesquite trees take up water faster than other plant species Exploitative 3. (20 pts) When formulating his ideas about how disturbance shaped communities, Connell examined coral reefs in the Indo-pacific. a.
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EEB100S09EcolAKEY - EEB 100 Spring 09 Name ID_KEY Dont open...

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